Filming Ben Frost’s soundcheck, Big Ears 2015. Image by Kate Joyce

FOR OVER A DECADE, I have documented people from all walks of life — artists, scientists, chefs, bankers, academics, and many others. The through-line in all my work, whether artistic or commercial, is a curiosity about what drives people and a fascination with the intricate process of human labor. I seek to unveil the magic beneath the surface.

Whether you are looking for a short video profile or a longer, more in-depth documentary, I can help you and your company or institution craft a piece that gets at the heart of what you do and who you are.

Selected Work

Commissioned by Duke Performances, this short video chronicles the world premiere of Piedmont Blues: A Search for Salvation, in early December 2016. Renowned jazz musician Gerald Clayton conceived and composed the project, and spent two years developing a 75-minute set with theater director Christopher McElroen. Learn more at

This short promotional video features the experimental musician Tyondai Braxton as he develops his dynamic electronic music installation HIVE. The piece was featured alongside an article in T Magazine.

“They Will Rest High on The Mountain” tells the story of an elderly couple in the mountains of western North Carolina, as they recollect their past while facing the unknown.

Charlie Cardin is a professional life coach who helps women overcome traumatic pasts to achieve their potential.

This short documentary on Chef Ricky Moore of the Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham, NC, explores the connections between cooking and documentary work.

Big Ears, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is one of the most eclectic music festivals in the country, featuring artists as diverse as Laurie Anderson, Angel Olson, Steve Reich, Earth, Bonnie “Prince” Billie, Nazoranai, Joe Henry, and many others. I have been working on a documentary about the festival for the past three years, and this film trailer for the project presents material from Big Ears 2014.

Brian Goldstone completed a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology at Duke University. This video profile explores his research on the widespread belief in the miraculous and pentecostal churches in Northern Ghana. It features his intimate photographs from his time there.

In 2013, I followed a group of eight artists as they spent a season documenting the legendary minor league team The Durham Bulls. The completed film was called Leaving Traces. The teaser features photographers Alec Soth and Kate Joyce discussing their creative process.